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MobileOTT SDK Total Solution For Mobile Internet Communication (No upper user limit)

Products Features Android SDK iOS SDK
Chat SDK Normal Chat
Burn-After-Read Chat
One to Many Chat
Group Chat
Conference Call
Video Call SDK IP Video Call
Secure Call SDK point-to-point Secure Encrypted call SDK
Social Addressbook SDK Friend invitation
Delete Friend
Synchronization of Friend information
Black List
Friends Matching by phone number
Combined Friends and local contact addressbook
Total SDK All above Features

MobileOTT Service Price

Service Description Price
  According Registered User numbers (annual fee)
Service Activation Service Test <500 000Registered Users above 500 000

Shared Cloud platform

VoIP service

Terminal :Provide easy to use high performance SDK, Developers can asily develop their app。

Server Platform: Green Mobile MobileOTT Cloud Platform。



40 000 yuan / year

(Conference Call and VoIP Out are not included in the price.

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Dedicated server paltform


Terminal:Provide SDK. We can send experts to help the integration of the SDK if eventually needed。

Server Plaftorm: Provide dedicated servers for the customer, ensure high security。

Please contact us Please contact us 40 000 yuan/ year

(Conference Call and VoIP Out are not included in the price。 )

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Chat, Social AddressBook, Secure Encrypted Call, video Call     Please contact us